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Although cancers occur in companion animals with an incidence similar to that in humans, share many features with human malignancies and have similar responses to chemo and radiation therapies, veterinary oncology has been largely dependent on human 'hand-me-down' interventions.

Veterinary Oncology Services, with its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff, is changing this paradigm by providing personalized oncology services to veterinarians and their patients...

because when it comes to best friends
         ...it IS PERSONAL
The American Veterinary Medical Association has determined that cancer kills almost half of cats and dogs over the age of 10.

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Veterinary Oncology Services, Inc. is offering the multi-indication cancer therapy developed by Morphogenesis, Inc., to companion animals. The therapy is a cancer vaccine which primes and educates the immune system to attack tumor cells throughout the body without damaging other cells or organs. 
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Melanomas are among the most common skin tumors in horses. By 15 years of age, 80% of gray horses have visible malignant melanomas.